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Pastor Lucy Natasha: I’m still waiting for love

Flamboyant pastor Lucy Natasha, the founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries International, says she is yet to find a man to marry.

In a live chat with comedian MC Jessy, the outspoken pastor, christened Nairobi hottest pastor who lives lavishly and is never shy to show off on social media, revealed that she is waiting for her “Adam”.

“My Adam is still asleep. I am waiting to be pulled from the rib of my Adam who us still sleeping. Eve was picked from the rib of Adam, I feel I’m still asleep in the rib of my Adam,” Natasha said.

Natasha added that her “Adam” doesn’t have to be a pastor like her but has to be a man who believes in God.

“He has to be born again, must be a friend and we must have common values and goals. He doesn’t have to be a pastor.”

She added that the said Adam should be mature and not younger. Natasha also added that she wouldn’t mind marrying a broke man on condition that he was not lazy.

“I am not a golddigger, I am a gold carrier. Just like Queen Sheba went to meer King Solomon she carried her own gold. I look for a man who has vision, not lazy, a hard worker and has potential. Finances are not a major factor, kama ni gari hana akuje tuendesha yangu,” Natasha added.

The reverend who was raised in the slums of Mathare, Nairobi is known for her flamboyant lifestyle.

She owns a fleet of expensive fuel guzzlers with customised number plates.

She also wears a golden tooth. Her taste of fashion is also something that will make many droll.

Natasha, who has flown in a private jet in the past is always flanked by a group of swagged up employees who act as drivers, bodyguards, and personal assistants.

In other words, Pastor Natasha enjoys a rock star lifestyle that can be compared to Hollywood stars.

It’s this standard of living that has most of her critics question her source of money.

In the live chat, the cleric opened up on her sources of income, insisting that she doesn’t depend on church offerings to live lavishly.

“We are not born again to suffer again. The Lord has blessed us. If it’s offerings is what makes pastors rich, then all pastors would be billionaires and millionaires. I am also an entrepreneur. I am an author of many books, I have written over 12 books sold globally on Amazon and Apple Books,” she explained.

But that is not all.

“I also do a lot of international speaking engagements. I get invitations as an international speaker. I have travelled in over 50 nations for such engagements. I also have other businesses I do as an entrepreneur,” Rev Natasha clarified.