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Paula Kajala throws shade at ex- Rayvanny, commits to Marioo

Tanzanian actress Fridah Kajala’s daughter Paula has consistently shaded her ex-lover Tanzanian bongo flava artist Rayvanny as she re-states her commitment to her new lover Marioo.

Paula who has been on Rayvanny’s case even after their nasty breakup, claimed that the Mapopo hitmaker cannot get over her despite her dating someone else.

Additionally, she alleged that while they dated Rayvanny he did not spend on her so that she could look and feel beautiful, something she is getting from Marioo.

In her comparison and chiding game, Paula posted, “Kuna mtu namtesa huko, akiniona tu anatuma sana meseji. Mwambieni ex huwa harudiwi (There is someone I’m giving sleepless nights, when he sees me, he cannot stop sending messages. Tell him one does not go back to her ex).”

Not done, the socialite added, “Marioo anajitahidi sana kunitunza nionekane mrembo kila kukicha sio yule pipilo nilifubaa sana, nimetoka mbali nyie, acha Marioo anipende tu na natulia kwake (Marioo is working hard every day to ensure I look pretty, not like that other one who I stayed with. I have really come from far. Let Marioo continue loving me, and I will stick here).”

While she is gushing over her lover and bashing her ex, some of her fans are not liking the new change of events. In yet another of her posts, Paula claimed that her ‘kamati ya roho chafu’ are editing photos to fit their narrative.

Making reference to a photo where Marioo is seen holding hands with Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyvanny, Paula who seemed unmoved by the edits said, “Wabongo banah wanaedit vipicha vyao ilimradi tu watuachanishe sasa nasemaje Marioo simuachi mpaka kifo (They are editing their photos so that they can make us part but I will not leave Marioo until death do us part).”

Marioo and Paula started dating barely two or so months ago with the latter claiming that the Mi Amor hitmaker will be her last lover. The post went up shortly after Marioo took to his socials to defend her calling out netizens for bullying his girlfriend due to her past relationships.

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