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PHOTOS: Inside Room 56, where rapper Charles Waga delivered carpet before his death

The lifeless body of Charles Otieno Waga was discovered at Corner Heights Apartment, leaving friends and family in shock and demanding a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

When Waga’s friends arrived at the scene, security guards had already removed his body from the apartment, carrying him into a tenant’s vehicle. He was rushed to Coptic Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Disturbingly, blood was splattered across the crime scene, and a video shared by Waga’s brother, who also worked with him at Identity Cleaners, depicted Waga unresponsive.

Upon the police’s arrival, the blood on the apartment floor had been cleaned, raising suspicions among those present.

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Accompanying the officers to House 56 on the fifth floor, where a Nigerian tenant resided, they discovered Waga’s trousers and sandals in the corridor, a perplexing sight for friends and family.

“We are shocked, and we demand that an investigation be carried out to reveal what killed Charles,” said Waga’s brother, Erick Babu. Additionally, a bracelet, marvin, and a belt were found in the corridor, leading to further questions about the events that transpired.

A surprising discovery inside the apartment revealed an earring and the revelation that Waga had been wearing only boxer shorts when found.

Friends, including Jaffer Ochieng, pointed out that Waga was not wearing an earring, adding to the mystery surrounding his death.

Upon entering the residence, four Nigerians were found sitting in the living room, the carpet Waga had delivered was identified in the kitchen. Charles Isuzu, a colleague of Waga, reported that two of the occupants were sleeping on the carpet while the other two sat in the living room.

As the investigation unfolds, autopsy results indicate that Waga suffered internal bleeding and multiple head injuries, intensifying the need for answers and justice.