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‘Lazima tu make it, bro!’ Last conversation of rapper who fell in Riruta apartments 

The tragic death of Charles Waga Otieno, a 25-year-old rapper and car wash attendant, who fell from a five-story apartment at Corner Heights Apartments in Naivasha Road, Riruta Ward, Nairobi, has left his family and friends in shock and mourning.

As DCI detectives delve into the investigation surrounding his untimely demise, a cloud of mystery shrouds the circumstances leading to the fatal fall.

Waga, known for his dual roles as a car wash attendant at Identity Cleaners and an aspiring rapper, was not only a diligent worker but also harboured dreams of making it big in the music industry.

With aspirations of sharing the stage with renowned artistes, he often spoke of his admiration for Willy Paul, envisioning a collaborative project with the popular artiste.

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In an exclusive conversation with Nairobi News, Jaffer Ochieng Omollo, a close friend of the late rapper, revealed details of their last interaction.

The conversation, which occurred the day before Waga’s tragic death, centred around their ongoing music project.

Waga, full of optimism, expressed his determination to succeed in the music industry.

Lazima tu make it bro. Thanks for that project. Tutaongea kesho. (We must make it, bro. Thanks for that project. We’ll talk tomorrow),” read Waga’s final WhatsApp message to Jaffer after connecting him with a fellow artiste for a music project they were collaborating on.

“He always admired Willy Paul and was even planning to reach out to him for the next project,” Jaffer told Nairobi News.

Jaffer, recounting the shocking turn of events, expressed his disbelief upon learning about Waga’s hospitalisation, only to discover his demise upon reaching the medical facility.

Another friend and collaborator, John Kiarie Wainaina, shared his plans to meet Waga on the fateful day to discuss an upcoming event in the Riruta Satellite area.

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According to Kiarie, they were scheduled to meet at 10 a.m. Waga, having assured him that he would conclude a carpet delivery and join the meeting afterwards, went incommunicado.

“I called him around 9 a.m. to confirm if we were still meeting, but he didn’t answer. I called him again, and my third attempt got through, only to have a lady inform me that he was in the hospital,” Kiarie narrated.

Kiarie called for justice for Waga and sought answers about the peculiar circumstances leading to his demise, including the mystery of his missing trousers.

Brian Otieno Waga, the late rapper’s brother, and colleague at the car wash, recalled their last conversation.

“I told him okay, you deliver it as I finish washing this car before going to pick up some carpets from a customer as well… a few minutes later, I was called and informed about the incident involving my brother…he was fine in the morning, and we even talked for some time before taking the carpet to the Nigerian guy,” Otieno said.