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Rare look inside the revamped Uhuru and Central Parks (Photos)

Nairobi residents are in for a treat as the city’s beloved landmarks, Uhuru Park and Central Park, prepare to unveil their rejuvenated charm after a comprehensive two-year refurbishment.

The restoration, led by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF), promises not only a visually appealing transformation but also an enriched experience for locals and tourists alike.

The yet to be opened Uhuru Park. PHOTO| Bonface Bogita

Central Park, now featuring newly installed skating rinks, offers an exciting outlet for the city’s youth who were previously seen skateboarding on Nairobi’s streets during weekends.

The addition of outdoor libraries complements the parks’ ambiance, and artificial lakes have been introduced, enhancing the allure of Central Park.

Under the stewardship of the defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) during the last regime of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, the refurbishment aimed to elevate these green spaces to international standards.

Terraced areas in Central Park provide ideal spots for relaxation with panoramic views of the Central Business District, enhancing the park’s recreational offerings.

The Nairobi CBD skyline can be seen from the park. PHOTO| Bonface Bogita

Both parks, adorned with national monuments, have been meticulously maintained, preserving their historical significance.

Adequate restroom facilities and restaurants further contribute to the parks’ overall convenience and appeal.

Notably, an intriguing addition is an old airplane lying in Uhuru Park, poised to be transformed into a restaurant—a unique attraction for visitors.

Decorated flower-lined pavements grace both parks, adding a touch of natural beauty to the surroundings.

Kenyan pop culture icons are drawn on the side of a building inside the park. PHOTO| Bonface Bogita

According to Nairobi County authorities, the parks are expected to be officially handed over to the county before the year concludes, marking the culmination of an extensive effort to revitalize these urban sanctuaries.

Beyond their aesthetic enhancements, Uhuru Park and Central Park are poised to reclaim their status as vibrant community hubs.

With ample spaces for recreation, the parks are anticipated to host weddings, farewells, and various important events, reinstating their significance in the lives of Nairobi’s residents.

As the gates swing open, inviting visitors to explore the fully refurbished Uhuru and Central Parks, the city rejoices in the revival of two iconic landmarks.

The yet to be opened Uhuru Park. PHOTO| Bonface Bogita