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Police arrest medic who sedated and raped a patient

Police in Nyatike, Migori County, have arrested a medical practitioner attached to Frontal medical clinic, a private facility in Muhurubay, for allegedly sedating and sexually assaulting a patient.

The suspect, who is alleged to have committed the act on Wednesday December 26, was arrested in his Nyatike hideout after he disappeared from his home on learning that police officers were looking for him.

According to Nyatike OCPD Mr John Musili, the victim had gone to the clinic to seek medical attention when the incident happened.

“The medic diagnosed her and said she needed more blood. He took her to a private room and injected her. She became unconscious thereafter. He then sexually assaulted her and disappeared,” explained Mr Musili.

He added, “When the woman came to, she realised she was naked and alone in the room. She rushed to another hospital which confirmed her fears; She had been sexually assaulted. She reported to the police and a manhunt for the suspect was launched.”


The victim is still recuperating at a local hospital with her relatives saying she is psychologically affected.

“She is really tormented psychologically after the ordeal. She does not speak much,” said a relative.

The family of victim has called on police to expedite the investigations and deliver justice.

“All we want is justice. It unfortunate that our daughter was sexually assaulted by someone she trusted to take care of her health. The suspect should not be allowed to practice as he is clearly rogue,” said another relative to the victim.

The suspect was arrested on Thursday and is being held at Nyatike police station pending arraignment. The facility has been closed down.