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Policewoman leaves KCSE station, heads on drinking spree

A police officer left her working station at Kisukioni Examination Container where she was assigned to guard Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) papers and went on a drinking spree before becoming unruly.

In a police report seen by this reporter, Rachael Wambui left her colleague Elias Kiptoo after telling him she’d gone for supper only to come back heavily drunk.

“The officer left her place of work and went on a drinking spree within the township. She reported back drunk and incapable of handling and securing her rifle,” the report filed at Tala Police Station, Machakos County read in part.

As soon as she arrived, her rifle fell down and Wambui was left with the magazine that had 30 rounds of ammunition in her hands.

She was asked to handover the magazine and this prompted her colleagues to use force in order to take it from her by force.

“She started abusing and kicking them with kicks and blows thereby assaulting them as she became totally disorderly,” the report further read.

This prompted the officer to inform their boss under the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit (CIPU) commander in Matungulu who rushed to the scene.

“The drunk officer was still disorderly even in the presence of her boss. They managed to overpower her, arrested and escorted her to Tala Police Station where she was placed in custody,” the report read.

It further revealed that the examination container was well guarded and there was no cause for alarm as further administrative action is scheduled to take place.