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Here’s proof Chipukeezy actually lied on meeting Kevin Hart – VIDEOS and PHOTOS

By HILARY KIMUYU October 20th, 2017 2 min read

Kenyan comedian Chipukeezy real name Vincent Muasya actually lied about how he met his American idol comedian Kevin Hart during his trip to the US in June this year, Nairobi News can exclusively reveal.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Christine Wawira, a Hollywood actor, narrated how the Kenyan comedian never even got to get into the BET Awards ceremony.

“So you know how Chipukeezy met Kevin hart and went to the BET Awards? Well, I’m the one who got him connected with meeting Kevin and in his interviews he lied and said a white woman saw his stand up and hooked him up with Kevin Hart,” said Wawira.

She also shared a conversation between her and Chipukeezy in which she questioned the Kenyan comedian why he never credited his meeting with Hart to her during an interview on NTV’s Better Living show.

In the text conversation, Chipukeezy actually admits that he lied on national TV to protect his brand and that Ms Wawira is the white woman in the script. He even offers an apology to Ms Wawira.



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“Kenyan media was trying to tell my story of why and how I met Kevin. Everyone was saying that I flew all the way to come and take a picture to be a groupie etc etc it was looking bad for me. So I decided to change the story and told it my way. Am sorry for disappointing you but I had to protect my brand girl. Am sorry.” part of Chipukeezy’s explanation reads.

According to Wawira, Chipukeezy never got to go into the BET Awards.


“I invited him to come with me but he decided to trust someone else who ended up disappointing him and he couldn’t get access to the show.”

She claims Chipukeezy asked her to text him videos which she had taken at the awards from the third row at the show and he posted them saying he was there.

“He has lied to millions of people and it makes me sad,” lamented Ms Wawira.