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Purity Mwambia: I have total support from my employer back in Kenya

Citizen TV investigative journalist Purity Mwambia has clarified previous remarks she made on being on the verge of homelessness in the United States.

Mwambia fled the country two years ago after she did an exposé titled Guns Galore that exposed some members of the National Police Service for allegedly renting out their firearms and uniforms to criminals.

She recently narrated her experience as a woman who is living in exile because of her journalistic work.

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Mwambia has now said she will keep soldiering on with the full support of her employer back at home.

“On Tuesday, I made remarks at a State Department forum in Washington DC narrating my experiences with a human rights group; experiences very well known to that group. Just note, I continue carrying my career cross proudly with the total support of my employer back home,” she tweeted.

Prior to that, during a panel discussion hosted by the Bureau of Global Public Affairs to discuss the unique challenges faced by women in the news industry, Mwambia revealed that the organisation that brought her to America abandoned, saying she was on the verge of homelessness and did not know what to do next.

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“Every day when I walk past all these metro buses and I see these homeless people. It’s one of those stories I would have loved to tell as a journalist, but now I walk as if I’m literally in their shoes, not knowing what’s going to happen to me,” she said.

She went on to detail some of the challenges she is facing in the US.

“First of all, when you come here from your country where you’ve done big stories, you’ve quoted all these people who are doing some corruption, big shots in the government… but believe me, when you come here, it’s like your voice is silenced. It’s hard to navigate the US media landscape, especially for global journalists. It’s so hard. I’ve been here for two years and I’ve only been able to do one story with one of the local companies,” she said.

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