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Quincy Timberlake’s mum: I hate Esther Arunga!

The new twist that Quincy Timberlake murder case took on Thursday has only brought more pain to his mother Roselyn Wambitta.

Ms Wambita, a mother of eight, says she fails to understand why former TV anchor Esther Arunga was not handed the maximum 25 years stipulated in law and instead got just 10 months on parole.

Ms Wambita claims that Ms Arunga had something to do with the murder even though she wants to put all the blame on her son.

‘’I have no reason to celebrate Arunga’s victory concerning the murder case against my son even if she is happy. She knew she was going to win the case from the beginning,” lamented Ms Wambita.

Ms Wambitta has further insisted that Ms Arunga’s presence in her family was the beginning of their troubles.


She said Esther broke her son’s family, introduced him to the Finger of God Church and was now telling the court a different story on the murder case.

Former KTN anchor Esther Arunga with her husband Quincy Timberlake and their child. PHOTO | FILE

Speaking at her home in Mbeme, Kisumu county, Ms Wambita said that what pained her most was the fact that no one was talking about her son; it was all about Arunga.

“I have neither spoken nor heard about my son. Everyone is talking about Arunga, but what about my son? Is he okay, how is he coping with the situation, what about his sickness, is anything being done?” posed Ms Wambitta.

“The news is all over Facebook, Twitter, and You tube, televisions and newspapers all with pictures of Arunga but what about my son?”

The distraught woman has also maintained that Arunga was after her son’s wealth and had nothing to do with her son’s love.

“She broke my son’s happy family with Rose Mueni, took away my son leaving his first family suffering back in Kenya,” charged Ms Wambita.


She has, however, swore to embark on a journey to bring back her son’s first wife, Rose Mueni home terming her as her son’s true love.

‘’I don’t love Arunga and will never accept her back as part of my family, now I have to find my daughter in law Mueni Timberlake and bring her home together with my three grandchildren,” concluded Ms Wambitta.