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Radio presenter Kenzi calls off engagement to ‘fake’ lawyer Brian Mwenda

Radio presenter Kenzi, the former girlfriend of Brian Mwenda who gained notoriety for allegedly posing as a fake lawyer, has finally spoken out about their short-lived relationship.

Their engagement, which took place in February, ended abruptly just weeks later.

During a recent Q&A session, Kenzi, a radio presenter on Radio Legion Africa, confirmed to her fans on Instagram that she is currently single.

When asked about her engagement status, Kenzi denied being engaged and dismissed the idea of an imminent wedding as a “joke”.

As for the break-up, she revealed that it wasn’t particularly difficult for her and expressed no interest in dating again any time soon.

“Dating right now? No, I am going to take a big break from that and focus on new projects at the moment,” she said.

Following their engagement in February, Brian publicly thanked Kenzi for her support during his most difficult time.

In a heartfelt message, he praised her grace, elegance and intellect and expressed his gratitude for her presence in his life.

He also expressed his hopes for a healthier and more progressive relationship in the future, emphasising his love and respect for her.

“Thank you for walking with me without judgement through the most difficult days of my life. I hope I can be half the friend you are, thank you for the faith you’ve kept. I will try to support you in any way I can in all your endeavours”.

“Thank you for all that you are and will ever become. I love you and have the utmost respect for you, Your Fiancée. Brian Mwenda,” he wrote.

In response, Kenzi expressed her happiness and gratitude, declaring her love for Brian and her excitement for a fresh start in their relationship.

“Baby in all ways and always thank you for making me the happiest woman on earth. Here’s to a new beginning and undying love and friendship. I love you, my fiancé”.

Brian shot to fame after he was arrested for allegedly impersonating a Kenyan High Court advocate and a member of the Nairobi branch of the LSK.

He is said to have won 26 cases in various courts before he was arrested by the Law Society of Kenya Nairobi Branch Rapid Action Team (RAT) on charges of impersonation.