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Bensoul defends relationship with ex-girlfriend’s best friend, Cindy K

Former Sol Generation signee Bensoul is smitten and madly in love and his new relationship is spinning a web thicker than Spiderman’s.

He is dating TikTok content creator Cindy Kipsang aka Cindy K who was his ex-Noni Gathoni’s best friend.

As such, he says he won’t pay attention to any criticism of his new romantic relationship.

Two weeks ago, during his performance at Raha Fest, Bensoul called Cindy K on stage and serenaded her with one of his records, ‘Favourite Song’, before presenting her with a bouquet of roses.

The act shocked fans, with the majority lapping up the news, while others were left bewildered.

It’s understandable for those who were confused by the development as Cindy K, who is no stranger to celebrity love drama. She was once a close friend of Bensoul’s ex-girlfriend Noni Gathoni when the couple dated.

Interestingly, Bensoul is still close friends with YouTuber Prince Newton, who is Cindy K’s ex-boyfriend.

Cindy K started an affair with Prince after a nasty break-up with NRG host Shaq The Yungin. Prince Newton and Shaq used to be best friends.

Shaq accused Cindy K of cheating on him with his friend Prince Newton.
Bensoul says he is aware of Cindy K’s past romantic escapades, but that will not stop him from loving her any less.

Opening up about his relationship with Cindy, Bensoul revealed that he and Cindy K have been dating for a while now as he went on to give his critics a piece of his mind.

“We’ve been going out for a long time. This is my girl and she’s amazing. No matter what anybody says, they don’t know the story. If you want to comment, comment, it’s not going to hurt us. It won’t affect our love,” says the singer.

Bensoul says they have been planning for a long time to go public with their romance and Raha Fest was the best opportunity.