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Raila: Shame on the Judiciary! We will not allow judicial dictatorship

By Kevin Cheruiyot September 15th, 2022 2 min read

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition leader Raila Odinga has criticized the Judiciary for dismissing his petition challenging President William Ruto’s election victory.

Mr Odinga, who arrived in the country on Thursday after spending a few days out the country with his family, said the Judiciary ruled against the will of the people.

He said that the Azimio Coalition was shocked by the ruling that the Supreme Court delivered on September 5, saying that it may lead to voter apathy in the future.

“Shame on the Judiciary in this country. And I see them protesting, trying to threaten people… we will talk, the Constitution of this country gives power to the people of Kenya, and those other people exercising power are exercising donated power. The Judiciary is not an exemption,” Mr Odinga said.

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“If what the people saw on September 5 is what they expect in 20227, I’m wondering why the people should wake up early in the morning to go and vote. Why should women, the elderly, the disabled queue for many hours to cast their vote when at the end of the day the machinery from Venezuela Jose Camargo will decide,” he said.

Mr Odinga further said the citizens have the authority to reform the Judiciary if it becomes corrupt.

“The Judiciary should not threaten and blackmail the people of this country after they have done the mess that they have done… we have the right not to agree with the bad ruling of the Judiciary… we will not allow the Judiciary to become a dictator in this country.”

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Mr Odinga, who attended the swearing-in ceremony of Mombasa County Governor Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir, said he flew out purposely to heal from election defeat.

“I took my wife, children and grandchildren also to go and heal out of the shock that they got as a family,” he said.

Mr Odinga also said the Azimio team will address its supporters in due course after reading the detailed ruling of the Supreme Court that nullified the petition.

The Azimio leader snubbed an invitation to attend the inauguration ceremony of President Ruto on Tuesday, saying that he had other matters of importance to attend to.

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