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Rapcha The Sayantist joins list of celebs criticising Ruto’s leadership

Media personality and comedian Rapcha The Sayantist has joined a growing list of celebrities expressing dissatisfaction with President William Ruto’s government, particularly in the realm of job creation.

Rapcha took to social media to critique Ruto’s approach to generating employment opportunities for Kenyans.

In response to a statement by President Ruto indicating his search for jobs abroad for Kenyans to apply, Rapcha questioned the president’s focus on foreign employment.

The post quoted Ruto saying:

“If I look for jobs abroad and you refuse to apply, how do you want me to help you?”

Unimpressed with the sentiment, Rapcha retorted, “Why can’t you find yourself a job abroad, and let Kenyans elect someone who will create jobs for them at home?”

Rapcha is not the only celebrity speaking out against the government’s policies.

A number of prominent figures have used their platforms to criticize the current administration, shaping public discourse with their words and influence.

Huddah Monroe:

In September, social media influencer and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe made a dramatic shift, withdrawing her longstanding support for President Ruto.

Citing concerns over the nation’s economic condition during his tenure, she labeled Ruto as Kenya’s worst president in a forthright declaration on her Instagram stories.

“Ruto will be the worst president Kenya has ever seen,” she wrote

Comedian Njugush 

Comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, has consistently used his social media skits to critique the government’s handling of the steep cost of living.

He humorously addresses issues such as high prices for essentials, inflation, and the government’s claims of free education.


In a Twitter post, musician George Muigai, aka Madtraxx emphasized the need for Kenyans to pray for and encourage the head of state, expressing hope for the country’s success.

He tweeted, “Ruto is oppressing the country on purpose. He wants an illegal attempt on the office, and that will justify his dictatorship. I pray we don’t fall for it.”

Khaligraph Jones 

Renowned rapper Khaligraph Jones, in his hit song “Minimal Pressure,” criticized President Ruto’s bottom-up economic strategy, asserting that it had backfired.

He also called out content creators Eddie Butita and comedian Njugush for allegedly meeting with the head of state to discuss taxation on their earnings.

“When you’re making boss moves, the last thing you wanna do is engage in little beefs… Eastlando sahii ni kama Karen tu… Magold digger wanalima na jembe, celebrity wanapiga matembe, era tuko no ya manuks za kutisha, CBC agenda inakuwa pushed through the teacher na uki oppose unaitwa state House unaekelewa mikono ka Njugush na Butita, pia mi nangoja invitation, coz I’m not fighting from the nation, juu mkiambiwa hamsikiangi.”

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