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Rapper DNA says he is done with fame and music.

Rapper and music producer DNA has opened up on reasons that have pushed him to quit music.

Although he confesses that many times he is tempted to go back into doing music, he doesn’t feel it’s right or worth the squeeze at this point of his life.

“Financially there is a limitation to what you can do. But again there is always that constant feeling that you still want to do it and also the fact that people are hitting you up asking what’s up. But when a friend the other day, is what cracked the code for me,” DNA explains.

According to DNA, his conversation with this friend who is a successful business executive is what convinced him to let go of the urge and nudge to want to keep doing music.

“I get it now I have let it go. If I never do another song that becomes a big song Alhamdulillah! I am done. I don’t have a case to answer. I mean I have so many collaborations on deck and then for some reason I just don’t see them through. And I keep asking myself what could be the reason as to why I don’t see them through. My honest answer is that I think I have reached this point of peace where I just want to be a regular guy. No pressure,” he adds.

DNA hit the fame with the ‘Banjuka’ hit track that dominated the airwaves for much of the past decade.

He then revealed in a past interview that he had elected to concentrate on other things despite being an artiste.

“I decided to rebrand because the name DNA can be ambiguous in Google searches. I’m evolving to many things, I’m not only just an artiste but also getting into production. Now, I’m doing art which encompasses the whole scope from production to marketing to strategy,” he explained.

Some of his well known hits include ‘Maswali ya Polisi’ and ‘Fimbo’.

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