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Raymond hands over Mzee Moi’s baton to Gideon

The late president Daniel arap Moi’s family formally endorsed Gideon Moi as the late president’s political heir.

In a surprising move Mzee Moi’s eldest surviving son Raymond, who is the MP for Rongai, handed over Moi’s baton to his youngest brother, Gideon, after receiving it from elders in the extended family.

“You all now know who is the head of the family now, but in the political context, it is Gideon who should be the baton bearer,” Raymond said as he handed over the baton to Gideon, who is also the Senator for Baringo county.

From his body language and reaction, it appears the move caught Gideon by surprise.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this. Even just holding it is an honour, but I will do my level best,” Gideon said while accepting the baton.

During his 24-year presidency, Moi always appeared in public with his trademark ivory baton which was considered his ultimate symbol of authority.

This one moment, which will certainly be hugely significant in the political scheme of things, unfolded at the end of Mzee Moi’s burial service at Kabarak University.