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Red flags alert! Probable signs that you have bad luck in love

By Winnie Mabel December 9th, 2023 2 min read

Have you ever sat back and wondered what was going on in the world that you can’t maintain a relationship past a certain duration?

You meet someone, you click, and things are great, but after a number of weeks or months, it fizzles out and you are dumped? Always you being dumped and never you doing the dumping?

Maybe you didn’t see the black cat crossing your path? Stared too long into a broken mirror? What gives? Do you have a hex on you?

As you rack your brain for answers you hope make sense, here’s Nairobi News helping you try and get off that rollercoaster…

Could it be generational curses? Possibly. And yes, generational curses are a thing. There are a handful of Bible verses that touch on this topic.

You did not do something- obviously- but your forefathers and ancestors did. Probably committed sins God forbade, especially idol worshiping, and thought they could get away with it.

Well, God- in very clear terms- categorically stated that he would punish the children of sinners until the third and fourth generations.

And maybe, having bad luck in love is one of those punishments. You might want to analyze the relationships in your clan. You will notice the pattern. Dramatic polygamies, strings of divorces, countless baby daddies and the ever single person despite starting out in great relationships.

Or maybe its an act of God? You know? Every man has their rib just as Eve was created from Adam’s rib…and you having luggage full of broken relationships that didn’t last beyond six months was an act of God redirecting you to your rib? It is highly probably if you think about it.

This is the part Nairobi News advises you to go down on your knees and pray for wisdom and discernment if you are tired of ‘interviewing’ for relationships that have no future.

But if it isn’t an act of God, were you bewitched by someone who is jealous of you? Maybe your family? Some people tend to be angered by other peoples’ lives and their successes.

It hurts them to the core and while they know they physically can’t do anything about it, they would rather turn to witchdoctors to put curses on you- such as inability to maintain romantic relationships past walking down the aisle.

Remember that prayer advise we mentioned before? It applies here too. Be careful about who you become vulnerable to. Not everyone has good intentions for you.

And finally, if all the above don’t make sense to you, maybe its just the other people you get into the relationships with that cause your bad luck in love.

Maybe you simply attract people who have no intentions of settling down with you in a long term relationship.

Maybe your personality and mannerisms attract people looking for temporary fun. While you can’t control their intentions, its upon you to be careful about who you let approach you for romantic links.

They will ‘chipo’ you, leaving you with either temporary or permanent consequences.