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Residents of Nyeri, Embu and Meru to go without power today

Three counties will today be affected by scheduled power interruptions, the Kenya Power Company on announced on Sunday night.

Kenya Power Company said power interruption in Nyeri, Embu and Meru Counties will be occasioned by network maintenance.

In Nyeri, the areas that will be affected include Ihwagi Market, Giakaibei Market, Saigon, Kiamwangi Coffee Factory, Kwa Ngacha Village, Kiaritha-ini Secondary School, Gathethu village, Karura Coffee Factory, Karura Primary School and Engineer Maina village.

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Gathumbi village, Gikumbo Market, Shauri Moyo, Kihuro village, Gaikuyu Market, Gaturumoini Village, Gatondo Market, Gatondo Secondary School, Itundu Market, Giakaibei Market, Ndumanu Village, Kiangengi Market and Ragati Tea Factory, Kagochi Market, Ragati Forest Station, Kanjuri High School, Kanjuri Market, Gatei Village, Kinganga Village, Kihari Village, Gitimaini Market, Gitimaini Booster and adjacent areas will also be affected.

In Embu, power interruption will be felt in Kathangariri, Koimugo, Sunmoon Hotel, ASK Njukiri, Kathangariri Market, Nguviu Boys Secondary School, Nguviu Girls Secondary School, Kathwaka Secondary School, Kibugu Market and Kibugu Coffee Factory, Nguviu Mission, Ngerwe Coffee Factory, Gikirima Coffee Factory, Ndunduri Coffee Factory, Kangethia Market and adjacent areas.

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In Meru County, the areas that will be affected by the power interruptions include Akaiga, Kunati, Mutewa Secondary School, Kooju Market, Kaathi Primary School, Kamujine Dispensary, Ngongoaka Primary School, Mulango, Ametho, Athwana Mikinduri, Amatu and adjacent areas.

Power interruption in the three counties will take place just two days after the whole country was plunged into the dark following a nationwide blackout. The Friday night blackout disrupted many businesses, including activities at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Kenya Power Company attributed the blackout to a system disturbance that resulted in a loss of power supply across various regions.

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