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Policeman arrested for raping woman inside police station

A police officer in Mutitu North Sub-County, Kitui County was arrested on Sunday for allegedly raping a woman who was being held in custody.

The officer, a police constable, allegedly sneaked out the suspect from the cells and raped her in one of the office rooms.

According to the police, the woman who was in custody for the offence of malicious damage was raped in one of the office rooms in the station.

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The officer committed the heinous act when his colleague on duty, also a constable, went toilet and overstayed.

The incident took a dramatic twist when the officer’s wife walked in on the officer and the suspect in the act.

The wife had gone to the police station searching for her husband who had delayed to return home.

“She went to the report office but she did not find her husband. While there she heard two people conversing in one of the rooms and she identified her husband’s voice,” the police said in a report.

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The woman pushed the door open and was shocked to find the officer and the female suspect half naked.

The woman attacked the female suspect with a heavy stick and inflicted serious injuries on her.

The victim was rushed to Mutitu Sub-County Hospital for treatment and examination while the officer was booked in for the offence of rape.

The officer’s wife was also booked in for the offence of assault with the couple expected to be arraigned in court on Monday, August 28, 2023.

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