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Bestiality: Man arrested for engaging in an unnatural act with a sheep

Police in Kapsara Market in Trans Nzoia County have arrested a man who was caught red-handed engaging in bestiality with an ewe.

According to the police, Mr Samuel Ndung’u Karanja informed them that he was heading to his house when he heard a sheep bleating from inside the house of Mr Paul Kamau Karanja.

Wondering what a sheep could be doing in the rental house of Mr Kamau, Mr Karanja decided to find out what was happening.

“He went and pushed the door open and he saw the suspect lying on the floor tightly holding an ewe,” a police report filed at Geta Police Station in Trans Nzoia reads in part.

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Mr Karanja entered the house only to find that the ewe was dead and Mr Kamau was lying unconscious. Blood was also on the floor of the rental house.

Photos in our possession show the suspect lying beside the ewe on the floor of his rented house while dressed in a black t-shirt with a white strip and a blue faded jeans.

He immediately, reached out to the police who rushed to the crime scene and took Mr Kamau to Kapsara Sub-County Hospital where first aid was administered.

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Doctors told the police that the suspect was heavily intoxicated and after staying for some time in the facility he was discharged.

He was taken to Kapsara Police Post where he recorded statement and later detained.

Trans Nzoia police boss Mr Ambrose Oloo said the suspect will be arraigned in court on Monday, August 28, 2023.

“Plans are underway to arraign the suspect in court tomorrow,” Mr Oloo said.

In Kenya bestiality or unnatural act is considered a felony in Kenya as per Section 162(b) of the Penal Code, a person guilty of having carnal knowledge of an animal is liable for imprisonment for up to 14 years and under Section 163 it is stipulated that a person who attempts to commit any unnatural offence is liable to imprisonment for 7 years.

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