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Roadside declarations: You’ll be arrested if you film Kanjos on duty, says Sakaja

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has asked his inspectors to arrest anyone who films them, while also arresting traders who violate the county’s laws.

While filming has been one of the methods used by Kenyans to expose the rot in various sectors and to bring an issue to the attention of the authorities, it has now been made illegal under the power of Governor Sakaja.

Just a few days ago, a motorist filmed a group of muggers robbing unsuspecting motorists on one of Nairobi’s busy roads, a call that was quickly heeded by the Nairobi County Regional Police.

Commander Adamson Bungei, who arrested them the following day.
However, according to Sakaja, the filming was an act of obstructing his county officers from carrying out their duties.

Controversial in the sense that it is nowhere in the town’s by-laws.
Speaking in Roysambu on Monday at the 50th birthday celebrations of the county’s chief security officer, Mr Tony Kimani, the governor said the town’s inspectors should be allowed to carry out their duties without interference from the public.

He said it was unfortunate that a few people who seek fame on social media were filming the officers in the course of their duties and sharing the clips on social media platforms.

“A few people, because they are after power, they want to sensationalise everything, when you arrest somebody and they start throwing away their things, they come to record that somebody has been arrested. Or do we have to sing for someone who has been arrested for doing something wrong? Order must be maintained, we want a city of order,” said Sakaja.

The governor urged the city’s inspectors not to hesitate to arrest anyone who films them doing their job.

“Even the people who are filming you, arrest them too. This is obstruction of justice. Do your job, do the right thing. Have you ever seen them filming the police? Who do they think you are? What you are doing is necessary, do not let anyone look down on you.

The Nairobi City County Security and Compliance Sector and MCAs made arrangements to honour Mr Kimani for his service to the county.

The ceremony was held at Mogra Children’s Home in Roysambu.
In his speech a day later, the Governor said there was no problem with recording, but the problem with him was obstructing the inspectors.

“No problem with recording. The only problem is obstructing them from carrying out their duties,” Sakaja said.

Ironically, the governor had issued an order in 2022 asking Kenyans to record any individual dumping waste in the city, regardless of their position, saying he would reward each person Sh10,0000 for sharing a video.

“While we’re clearing the city’s drainage system, please desist from any further illegal dumping. Ukiona mtu akidump and you record, mulika kabisa; we arrest, prosecute and share the fine. Will work on the county law to provide for this. Let’s keep our city clean,” Sakaja posted on his X platform.

The latest development comes after one of the comedians, Eric Omondi, took to social media to protest the harassment of street vendors by the city council.

Mr Omindi threatened to storm the governor’s office in solidarity with the hawkers.