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Roots Party double-speak on suspending constitution

Roots Party presidential running mate Ms Justina Wangui Wamae has sought to clear the air on the issue of suspending the Constitution, should the party emerge victorious in the August 9 General Election.

Speaking on Tuesday during the presidential candidates running mates debate at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Ms Wamae clarified that the entire Constitution will not be suspended if Prof George Wajackoyah is elected president.

“We will suspend parts of the Constitution that are not working. Chapter 6 is not working, we will suspend that because we need to instill fear in assets of the public,” Ms Wamae said.

During the launch of the party manifesto, Prof Wajackoyah said that if elected president he will suspend the Constitution in order to allow the government to come up with laws that will govern Kenyans well.

However, Ms Wamae said Roots Party administration intends to fight corruption by imposing a death sentence on those found guilty of graft.

“In China, if you are corrupt, you’re shot. In the UK, if you’re corrupt, you will be jailed, in Japan, if you’re corrupt, you’re so scared that you commit suicide. When it comes to execution Kenyans are jittery. We are going to suspend Chapter 6 of the constitution and go back to Kenyans and tell them, what do you think about this hanging thing,” she explained.

She further claimed that Kenyans are happy with the party’s manifesto, saying that it will help fight corruption in the country.

Ms Wamae faced off with the Agano Party running mate Ruth Mucheru Mutua who criticised the Roots Party for an unrealistic manifesto. Ms Mutua urged Kenyan parents not to vote for the people who will mislead their children into consuming bhang.