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Rubbish! Joyce Maina responds to ex Tony Kwalanda’s claims on breakup

Content creator and actress Joyce Maina has addressed recent statements made by her former partner, Tony Kwalanda, regarding the reasons behind their breakup, shedding light on her personal journey of growth and self-reflection.

In an interview with TV47, Kwalanda alleged that cultural disparities, rooted in his Luhya heritage and Maina’s Kikuyu background, posed significant challenges to their relationship.

He specifically cited differences in cultural norms surrounding the naming of children as a major point of contention.

“Joyce said, ‘For my first child, I want to name them this, for the second, I want this name, and for the third, I prefer this.’ I listened to her and explained, ‘You know, among the Luhya people in Malava, it’s the men who traditionally name the children.’ Joyce retorted, ‘I am the carrier of the child. You impregnate me and then come to dictate the names? I will name them according to my preference, whether you like it or not,'” Kwalanda recounted.

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Responding to Kwalanda’s statements, Joyce talked about her current state of mind, emphasising a phase of introspection and self-forgiveness for past actions.

“There is something I am trying to get across. I am at a phase of my life where I would 100% judge myself, like my past self,” Maina expressed, reflecting on her actions in 2019 and 2022.

She acknowledged making mistakes and allowing negativity into her life during those periods.

“The Joyce of 2019-2019 did some very stupid things. She let a lot of rubbish into her life.”

Continuing, Joyce articulated a profound shift in perspective, noting:

“I feel so different… I am at a phase where I can look back and think, who was that? I feel like a completely different person.”

She encouraged the importance of extending grace and forgiveness to oneself, a practice often neglected in comparison to how individuals treat others.

“In giving myself grace and forgiveness, I recognise the transformative power of learning from past phases to become better and wiser in the present,” Joyce said.

Tony said he also foresaw the potential for future conflicts:

“I saw that if we continued, we would encounter problems. I felt like the name was just the tip of the iceberg; there could be more underlying issues. Also, I heard her mentioning that when she’s pregnant, one day I should come home and cook for her… I know how to cook and can do it in marriage, but some men don’t like being told or reminded.”