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Size 8, DJ Mo speak on marriage break up allegations

Gospel singer Linet Munyali alias Size 8 Reborn and her husband, Samuel Muraya alias DJ Mo, have yet to officially break their silence that their marriage is over.

Speaking to Plug TV on a video that was uploaded on Sunday, August 28, 2022 – from a dated event, the couple said that they are a normal couple who go through highs and lows like every other couple in the world even though they are very public about their marriage and family on social media.

The couple noted that they’ve had several low moments in their relationship and as they are a couple that doesn’t pretend, they post real content about themselves to their fans including moments of happiness, when they fight, in abundance and when they lack.

“Basically, those low moments you see someone has posted on social media, and haven’t been verified and people just want to get clicks. Our highs have been the most, however. 

And people only know 30% of the whole story. We only put what we want people to know, what we think will encourage people. Most of our things are very private and people don’t know,” said DJ Mo.

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Size 8 added onto what her husband said, saying that they are a mature couple compared to their past dramas where they’d fight and she’d lock him out of the house.

At one point, she revealed Pastor Kathy Kiuna had to call her to open the door for her husband. 

The couple said that some couples sleep in separate bedrooms when they fight and don’t want to act like they are going through something but that is not for them.

“I know people sometimes wonder if these couples on social media fight. We really fight at home. How could they not? 

There are times we don’t talk in the house even when you see us post content on social media. 

You will find both our egos are over the top and the entire house stinks of pride. 

We then catch ourselves, we repent, we go before God and we say we are sorry and we get back together and we talk because we are now a mature couple and we continue with our work,” the couple said jointly.

Pastor Size 8 insisted that all couples go through a lot and they should stop comparing themselves to other couples on social media because they may be pretending for the cameras.

They however, did not address the claims of them living separately as the sort out their marital differences. In the online video, Size 8’s hairstyle is different from her current one where she has on a bob cut wig, with blonde highlights.

Size 8 still maintains social media silence over claims that she has left DJ Mo.

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Nairobi News broke the news of their break-up first on Saturday, August 28, 2022. According to a source who spoke to our reporter, Size 8 moved out of their home with their children; and the couple have only been pretending for their social media followers and their business partners.

“They have to keep up the appearance that they are together to avoid messing up the business. Size 8 has had it with DJ Mo and her decision to move out is final. She moved out last week,” said the source.

This was the second time Size 8 left her home after she did the same in 2018. Size 8 confessed to have been a dramatic person who always overreacted to the point of locking her husband out of the house, leaving and moving into an expensive, furnished house.

She credited their misunderstandings to issues such as her husband receiving phone calls and being part of upsetting conversations with reprehensible people; as well as his constant coming home at odd hours of the night/morning.

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