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Size 8 leaves DJ Mo! Gospel artiste moves out of her matrimonial home

There seems to be trouble in paradise with celebrity couple Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo rumoured to have split, again. A source whispered to Nairobi News intimating that Size 8 has left her matrimonial home with her kids.

“Size 8 was angry and she decided to move out with her children. They have had friction between them for a while. Now she made the decision to move out with the children,” said the source, who requested anonymity.

To keep up appearances the couple has maintained a social media content calendar that includes sponsored content by various corporates. However, they are not following each other.

“They have to keep up the appearance that they are together to avoid messing up the business. Size 8 has had it with DJ Mo and her decision to move out is final. She moved out last week,” the source explained.

When Nairobi News reached out to DJ Mo seeking confirmation on the matter he said, “Why don’t you call Size 8. I’m at a memorial service, I cannot speak at the moment.”

Size 8 picked up our call but asked us to text her since she was in a noisy place. She read our WhatsApp messages but did not respond. Our follow up calls went unanswered.

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This is not the first time the couple’s marital issues have blown out in the open in the course of their 9-year marriage. In 2018, Size 8 moved out of the couple’s matrimonial home. Two years before that she had even thrown out DJ Mo.

“Before I matured into a lot of things, I used to overreact, ata kuna day in 2016 nilifungia Mo nje, alikuta vitu zake nje na mlango nimefunga,” the mother of two said in a past interview with Chito and Cyd on Kiss FM.

In another interview on her reality show, Size 8 recounted an incident when she moved out with her children.

“I made sure I moved into an expensive place and my house was fully furnished. I used to live a very good life.”

She said that the source of their marital problems ranged from small misunderstandings, phone calls and conversations that DJ Mo would engage with nefarious people, to her husband constantly coming home at odd hours.

DJ Mo, while celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary, apologized for the mistakes he may have made in his marriage.

“We’ve had our ups and downs. While reprehensible, the human me is beyond the battle, and I don’t think there can ever be a better moment to say I’m sorry and I love you. God chose me for you. I know I drive you crazy at times, but you know nothing good comes without its share of problems,” he said.

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