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Ruth K recalls first date with Mulamwah

Ruth K, girlfriend and baby mama of popular comedian Mulamwah, recently opened up about their eventful first date, revealing a series of comical mishaps that left her feeling less than glamorous.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Ruth detailed their initial encounter, during which Mulamwah, cautioned her against overdressing.

“He kept asking what shoe are you wearing? What have you worn? I thought he wanted me to kill it. I did not know he was trying to tell me not to look very smart,” she recounted with a chuckle.

Despite her efforts to impress, Ruth’s choice of attire, including a short dress and off-shoulder top paired with rope shoes, left her feeling less than confident.

“I wore shoes with ropes. I knew he would know me that day. But my shoes got stuck. And he reminded me that he advised me to wear something simple,” she admitted, recalling the humorous yet awkward moment.

Upon arriving at Mulamwah’s humble abode, Ruth says she couldn’t help but notice the mismatched decor and makeshift curtains adorning the windows.

However, rather than being deterred, she saw an opportunity to lend her touch to the space.

“The curtains I found here, even if it’s you, you would not stay in such a house,” she remarked, adding, “The next day, I went shopping for curtains and sent pay bill and asked him to pay for curtains.”

Reflecting on her initial impressions of Mulamwah’s home, Ruth humorously admitted to being puzzled by the contrast between his generosity and the lackluster decor.

“I was being given everything, yet the curtains were not looking appealing,” she said.

Since their memorable first date, the couple has come a long way, having recently relocated to a leafy suburban area and now residing in a spacious three-bedroom house.

Mulamwah and Ruth K welcomed a son two weeks ago.

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