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Safaricom blocks Police on Twitter and Kenyans try guessing why

Law enforcers Kenya Police on Wednesday found themselves unable to engage mobile operators Safaricom via Twitter having been blocked.

The official Kenya police Twitter account was following up a mobile money crime wave syndicate in the city when the admin of the account discovered that they had been blocked by Safaricom.

The admin tweeted Safaricom asking to be unblocked to pave way for online discussions that could aid in solving crime.


A user had lamented how a gang in the city had been harassing pedestrians forcing them to send money at gun point and the mobile service provider was not giving the Mpesa number that received the money.


Kenya police replied to the user asking that he sends details including the number that was used to send money to the gang.

The police account went on to tag Safaricom asking to be unblocked and moments later the operator complied.

What followed was hilarious reactions from Kenyans who tried to guess why Safaricom would block the police on Twitter.

@ProcessDigtal wrote, “Ati Safaricom blocking the police… They are migunaring each other.”

@karis_victaa tweeted, “Weka wao kwa ile Land Rover ya wifi ???.”

@MwanaJumuiya16 added, “Pwagu hukutana na pwaguzi. Pambaneni na hali yenu.”