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Safaricom launches Gen Z app “Get Hook’d”

By Sinda Matiko October 22nd, 2023 2 min read

Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications giant, has unveiled its innovative platform, “Get Hook’d,” with a mission to bridge the gap between Generation Z (Gen Z) and a world of opportunities.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa officially introduced this groundbreaking platform in Eldoret, outlining the company’s vision to onboard one million young people within the span of a year.

With a focus on three pillars, aptly named “hooks,” Get Hook’d aims to cater to the diverse interests of Gen Z in the areas of career, culture, and technology.

Mr Ndegwa emphasized that Safaricom has joined forces with a range of partners to provide opportunities within these focal areas.

“Our target audience comprises individuals aged 10 to 24 years old. We have established partnerships with approximately 14 tech companies, including Meta and Wowzi, which offer tools and training programs to prepare these youths for the opportunities ahead. We have also collaborated with accredited TVET institutions with the same goal in mind,” explained the CEO during the launch event.

These tech-centric touchpoints will center around Safaricom’s Digital Talent Programme, designed for those interested in content creation, as well as the Safaricom Engineering Community programmes, catering to budding tech enthusiasts.

These strategic partnerships are envisioned to create a pathway for Gen Z to explore their passions and unlock their potential.

To make these opportunities more accessible, Safaricom plans to provide tailored bundles and smartphones for this demographic.

Ndegwa highlighted, “We will introduce special bundles for users on these platforms, ensuring that they are affordable.

Additionally, they will be able to obtain cost-effective smartphones through our shops with a ‘pay as you go’ plan.”

One of the platform’s key features is the “Make Your Own Bundle,” allowing users to have control over their spending on data and voice, with added loyalty rewards.

Safaricom’s commitment to Gen Z extends to areas of passion, such as sports.

The company has invested Sh400 million in the Safaricom Chapa Dimba initiative to support young sports enthusiasts.

Furthermore, “Baze,” a content creation platform, will enable creators to monetize their music and video content, offering a platform for Gen Z artists to showcase their talents.

For those passionate about fashion, ArtLift will be onboard as a partner, mentoring and nurturing emerging designers through their programs.

With “Get Hook’d,” Safaricom aspires to empower Kenya’s Gen Z, fostering a brighter future by connecting them with the opportunities that align with their aspirations and interests.