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Salasya: I won’t emulate Ruto ‘when I become President of Kenya’

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has revealed the leader he will emulate “when he becomes the president of Kenya.”

In what appears to be a thinly veiled jibe at President William Ruto, the first-term MP said his role model is King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

He lauded the Moroccan leader for having the interests of his country at heart, unlike some unnamed leaders who are only known for going to church every Sunday to preach politics.

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“When I become the president I will be like King Mohammed the 6th. He has Mohammed the 6th academy that has seen Morroco as the best in sports. He doesn’t do politics, his administration does not go to churches every Sunday to make politics. He has the country at his heart,” Salasya tweeted.

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Salasya is not the only politician who has been openly criticizing President Ruto for his close association with the church.

In February, the All Saints Cathedral reverend Sammy Wainaina disapproved of the prayer meetings President Ruto attends every Sunday.

The outspoken clergyman also called out the host preachers and bishops whom he faulted for being too magnanimous to allow their places of worship to be turned into venues of political exchanges.

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“The ongoing ‘prayers’ rallies are not genuine. They are political meetings disguised as prayer meetings. Unfortunately, the church has been hoodwinked. Pastors and Bishops are political brokers on hire by the political class. They are on their payrolls. A very sad state of the church. The salt has lost its taste and the light its brightness,” Rev Wainaina said.

Results of an opinion poll which was conducted by research firm Infrotrak in February also indicated that only five percent of Kenyans believe President Ruto, who is serving his first term in office, is God-fearing and religious.

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