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Ali Kiba unfollows new ‘bae’ after his wife begs him to sign divorce papers

Tanzanian singer Ali Kiba has unfollowed his alleged new bae identified as Jovin after his estranged wife Amina Khalef exposed him on social media.

In various videos and posts, Jovin has been tagging Ali Kiba in most of her social media platforms. In one particular post, she referred to him as “Her drug,” capturing the attention of netizens.

She was also the only woman Ali Kiba followed on his Instagram page raising eyebrows among his fans.

The singer had never followed anyone on Instagram, not even his wife Amina and children, who also have their own accounts.

Some argue that this move is solely focused on maintaining his brand.

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Ali Kiba and Jovin’s online interactions have certainly garnered attention and speculation.

Ali Kiba’s move to unfollow Jovin, who is also known to her friends as Niffer, comes after the artiste’s Kenyan wife urge him to sign their divorce papers.

Amina publicly exposed him as a cheater who enjoys spending time with other women, highlighting the strain in their relationship.

After months of living separately, Amina expressed her frustration with Ali Kiba’s alleged disrespect and is now demanding that he signs the divorce papers and sets her free.

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In a statement shared on Thursday, June 15, 2023, Amina revealed that despite their separation, she continues to face frustrations caused by Ali Kiba.