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Samidoh: I enjoy my life and all the relationship drama it comes with

Mugithi sensation Samidoh says he is enjoying every bit of the life he leads including the relationship drama that have become associated with his brand.

“If I didn’t love the life I am living, I would have hanged myself a longtime ago. Life has its challenges but you have to focus and live on.” Samidoh affirms

The singer who has fathered children with his ex-wife Edday Nderitu and nominated senator Karen Nyamu has more than often been a trending topic thanks to the women involved in his life.

However the entertainer says he doesn’t think being a trending topic is a bad thing after all and that even his bosses – in the diciplined forces – have grown used to that.

“I honestly never understand how I end up trending and that’s why I never try to defend or explain anything to my bosses whenever I’m trending because I have no idea how it always happens,” he said.

The gun and guitar man maintains he has grown accustomed to the drama as he understands there is a price to pay when one becomes famous as he is.

“There is a cost to everything, when I was grazing cattle in Ol Jorook I would have never trended because I was a nobody. But now when I became famous, there is bound to be some little negativity, but what is important is to know how to balance it. Life is a balance sheet, there will always be good and bad things and the best thing to do is block your ears and focus,” he adds.

However if Samidoh is to blame anyone or anything for him trending, then it is the media.

“I am always living my life the best way I know how, then I end up seeing things lifted by media and blown out of proportion. I mean I have no control over that and that’s why my bosses understand me,” said Samidoh who is employed as a policeman and is currently attached to the National Police Service headquarters in Westlands.

“Music never interferes with my work for those asking. I work from Monday to Thursday then from Friday to Sunday I am out doing shows.”