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Sanapei Tande denies working with Jua Cali on another collabo hit

Legendary chanteuse Sanapei Tande says there is no upcoming collaboration between her and veteran rapper Jua Cali.

A few days ago, Ms Tande shared a photo in the company of Jua Cali and soon the comments section was flooded with remarks that the two had reunited for another collaboration.

Sanapei and Jua Cali last collaborated on a song about 15 years ago when they released ‘Kwaheri’ which turned out to be a huge hit in the country.

With the song still fresh in many people’s minds, it’s easy to see why their reunion photo has sparked talk of another collaboration in the offing.

But Tande says that’s not going to happen, and maybe it never will.

“That’s the problem in Kenya these days, when two artists post a picture there’s either some kind of scuffle or there’s a collabo in the offing. But Jua Cali is my good friend. He is the first person I have ever done a collabo with since I started my music career as a solo artist,” Ms Tande notes.

The 39-year-old adds that she and Jua Cali have always had a warm relationship.

“It was just a meeting to have fun and enjoy life. Yes, we haven’t worked together for ages but as you know there are a lot of up-and-coming artists out there who need to be given a chance. Yes, it’s good to go back in time and make another classic with someone we started this journey with, but on the other hand, it’s important to give others a chance as well,” says Ms Tande.

That’s why another collaboration with Jua Cali may or may not happen between them.

“Having said that, people shouldn’t expect another collabo between us, because there is none.