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Sauti Sol’s guitarist, Fancy Finger features top female artistes in ‘Love Language’ 

Fancy Fingers, renowned as Sauti Sol’s lead guitarist, has recently unveiled his much-anticipated third solo project, ‘Love Language’.

In what he describes as a tribute to women and female artists, this album serves as a poem to the universal theme of love, resonating with listeners from all walks of life.

” Love is something we all relate to because we have all been through it in some way or other and I hope that this album will uplift everyone who listens to it.”

The album boasts an impressive lineup of collaborations, featuring some of Africa’s most prominent female voices.

Among the stellar roster are Kenyan talents such as Karun, Lisa Oduor-Noah, Femi One, Xenia Manasseh, and Njerae, alongside South Africa’s Simmy and Rapsy, Frya and Tamy Moyo from Zimbabwe, Uganda’s Azawi, Nigeria’s Dunnie, and Somalian-Ethiopian singer Bananas Overdose.

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Through these collaborations, Fancy Fingers aims to spotlight the immense talent and underrepresented voices of female artists in the music industry.

Expressing his vision for the album, Fancy Fingers emphasizes the importance of amplifying female voices and providing them with the recognition they deserve.

He states, “Not enough female artists are breaking through as they should, and with this album, I want to give them a chance to really be seen.”

‘Love Language’ showcases Fancy Fingers’ prowess as a composer, singer, and producer, with each track meticulously crafted to reflect a diverse range of musical influences and themes.

From soulful rhythms to vibrant melodies, the album invites listeners on a sonic journey that celebrates love, empowerment, and cultural diversity.

Themed around the complexities of love, the album features a captivating array of songs that explore various aspects of romantic relationships. From heartfelt ballads like “Love Language” and “Nyathii Dala” to sultry tracks such as “Mechi” and “Show Me Love,” Fancy Fingers delves into the multifaceted nature of love, offering a poignant and relatable narrative.

This is Fancy Finger’s first project since the Sauti Sol members went their separate ways in 2023.