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Senator Crystal Asige explains past rift with Sauti Sol

Former Sol Generation signee and current nominated senator, Senator Crystal Asige, recently spoke out about her past disagreement with the defunct Sauti Sol music group.

In an interview with Massawe Japanni, she clarified that she holds no resentment towards the band, despite being asked to leave their record label.

“I’m fine with those guys; I don’t have a problem with them,” she asserted during the interview.

Crystal Asige was signed by Sauti Sol in 2019, but the collaboration ended after a few months, leading to her departure from the label.

“They asked me to leave the label. They didn’t see our collaboration continuing, and I said it’s fine,” she explained.

In 2022, Crystal took legal action to compel the artists — Bien-Aime Baraza, Polycarp Otieno, Willis Chimano and Delvin Mudigi to disclose their earnings from hit songs like “Lenga,” “Extravaganza,” “Ukiwa Mbali,” “Intro,” and “Favourite Song” dating back to 2019.

Addressing the legal dispute, Crystal emphasized that it was solely focused on her rights.

Although she hasn’t had recent conversations with Sauti Sol, she emphasized her respect for her rights in the matter.

“I have not spoken to them for a long time. But I know there is no such thing. It’s that I just wanted my right,” she clarified.

During the interview, Crystal also shared her journey of losing her eyesight, revealing that she was not born visually impaired.

Her eyesight issues started in high school around the age of 14-15, affecting her ability to see the board and engage in activities that required careful observation.

After undergoing numerous eye tests, she was diagnosed with glaucoma, a gradual eye condition that builds pressure and impairs vision over time.

Crystal explained that her condition worsened between the ages of 15 and 21, leading to complete blindness.

“It was difficult. Many nights I cried; I was praying. I asked God why me? Especially because he gave me the ability to make music, be on stage, to be an actor. I loved those things. I was always fighting with God, but there came a time when God told me to calm down. Since that day, I have been assured that God is protecting me,” she shared.

Singer Crystal Asige was nominated as a senator to serve Kenyans in the persons with disability category.

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