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Senior police officer asks the public to lynch ‘guilty’ criminals

By Nyaboga Kiage November 13th, 2022 3 min read

An amateur video is making rounds on social media capturing a police officer asking members of the public to take the law into their arms and deal with anyone they get stealing or raping.

In the video, the officer, who happens to Bondeni Police Station, asks members of the public to lynch guilty criminals before police officers arrive at the scene of crime.

His remarks draw applause for the public as the officer further says that if lynching is the only way of wiping out crime, then let it be.

“Kama mtu si peaceful, you assault the person as you wait for the police. Kweli?” he posed as the audience applauded.

He went ahead to say that if a suspect is arrested after stabbing someone, and the wound is still fresh then he should be killed before the police arrive at the scene.

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According to the officer, if 97 per cent of the people in a given area are law-abiding and three per cent are criminals, then dealing with the latter as long as peace lasts is the better solution.

“We cannot allow few individuals who are criminals to continue disturbing the majority in the society. That is not protected in the law,” he says.

He then told the people he was addressing in what appeared to be a security baraza that Article 24 of the constitution gives power to the people and the police to lynch suspected criminals.

“The constitution under Article 24 says that certain rights can be limited. Such is the right to life which can be limited,” he said.

This comes amid reports that a criminal gang famously known as ‘Confirm’ that has been operating in Nakuru and its environs is slowly regrouping in Bondeni area.

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Two weeks ago a woman was raped and robbed by criminals who are believed to be members of the dreaded gang. The woman later reported the matter at Bondeni Police Station and her phone which and been stolen was traced leading to the arrest of one of the suspects.

The victim positively identified the suspect but she later changed her statement after allegedly receiving threats from members of the gang which forced her to flee Nakuru County. The suspect has since been released.

Cases of stabbings have also increased in Bondeni area. A senior member of nyumba kumi within the area, said residents have made a number of resolutions on how to deal with crime.

“All the current nyumba kumi offices had been disbanded and people were asked to come up with new ones. We also made a decision that all bodaboda riders within Bondeni to register in specific saccos,” our source said.

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He said that all landlords have also been asked to register all their tenants a fresh and ensure that they closely monitor those who live in their plots.

“Failure to do so when a random check will be made then the houses they manage will be closed down,” he said.

He also said that any officer who gets transferred from Bondeni police post should not be allowed anywhere near the estate or its environs.

He also claims the OCS asked the locals to ensure that they arrest such police officers, take their photos and share on various social media pages.

On Friday while being sworn into office, the newly appointed Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome said he was going to be ruthless when dealing with criminals across the country.

“I wish to warn those criminal elements who are out there who think they will threaten the lives of innocent mwananchi like those knife-wielding gangs who think they will continue with their reign of terror by targeting civilians. That will not happen,” Koome said.