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Shaffie Weru insures mansion to protect pricey shoe collection

Renowned media personality Shaffie Weru says he has taken a unique step to safeguard his prized possession – his extensive collection of shoes.

Worried about the substantial value of his footwear, Shaffie says he has opted to insure his entire house to mitigate any potential losses.

From rugged Safari boots to trendy sneakers, work boots, Timberlands, and stylish Chelsea boots, Shaffie boasts a comprehensive array of footwear suitable for every occasion.

In an interview with KTN’s Art Of Living show, he shed light on the rationale behind insuring his mansion, citing the exorbitant cost of his shoes as the primary factor.

Discussing his school shoes, which he pairs with suits for a sophisticated look, Shaffie revealed that some pairs command a staggering price tag of over a million dollars.

“You can’t talk about my shoes until you go to their room where they sleep,” he quipped, highlighting the sheer magnitude of his collection.

“When you see me in suits, just know I am not wearing anything less than 300 dollars (43,650.00),” he added, emphasizing the quality and value of his attire.

Shaffie confessed to the challenge of rotation, often finding himself gravitating towards the same beloved pairs.

However, he expressed a willingness to part ways with some shoes that have never graced his feet, hinting at a future auction to streamline his collection.

“The worth of my shoes, my school shoes alone, is around 10,000 dollars,” he disclosed.

“One of these days I will do an auction to declutter some of them since they are too many. If someone walks in there and takes something, I wouldn’t even know unless they take one of my best. I have my relatives and this Idd, I am gonna surprise them. Some of the shoes have never been worn.”

Moreover, Shaffie showcased his extensive assortment of caps, another significant component of his wardrobe.

Reflecting on the potential risks associated with his valuable possessions, Weru expressed relief knowing that his entire house is insured, primarily to safeguard his cherished shoe collection.

“If that room gets burned, I would lose so much,” he admitted.

Emphasizing the exclusivity of his North Face branded caps, he revealed that each piece fetches no less than 40 dollars and is often acquired through overseas travels or specialized channels.

“Anything that is written North Face is not less than 40 dollars and you can’t get it on the local market, you have to either send people or when you travel you buy.”

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