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Sheila Kwamboka: How I was sexually harassed by a female ‘boss’

Popular radio personality Sheila Kwamboka aka Kwambox has opened up on how she had to undergo sexual harassment.

Speaking in an episode on her podcast, the celebrated media personality said she had skipped work at the time just to attend a meeting, which was meant to be an interview for a job opportunity she had been eyeing for a while only to be disappointed. 

“This was about four years ago, I had skipped work that day because this was a job I had been looking for. I got there and sat at the reception for an hour and a half but she was watching me on the office camera,” Kwambox narrated.

She added that the lady, whose identity she did not disclose, sat next to her after offering her a drink, only to make her uncomfortable by putting her feet on her thighs.

“I got invited into the office around 5:30pm, and she offered me a drink, then she sat next to me, removed her shoes, and put her feet on my thighs. I pushed them away and walked out,” she said.

In recollection, Kwambox further revealed that for a split second, she had actually considered turning a blind eye to the lady’s sexual endeavors for the job, but then reconsidered saying that she was infuriated by the fact that she was sexually harassed by a woman.

“In that moment I was just like should I agree to be hit on and get the job, I was like who will know I am not going to get pregnant? But then I just got so irritated by the fact that I was being sexually harassed by a woman. Keep in mind I had skipped my show to come for the meeting,” said the Kiss FM presenter.

Kwambox moved to Kiss 100 from Vybz radio a month ago and has been hosting the morning breakfast show alongside Oga Obinna. 

Currently, Kwambox is in the running for Female Radio and Media Personality award in the East Africa Youth Awards after being nominated to represent Kenya.

The bubbly personality is set to compete with two Tanzanians, a South Sudanese and a Ugandan presenter for the award.

Last year, Kwambox and Crazy Kennar were the only two creatives picked to represent Kenya at the Meta for the Creators of Tomorrow initiative in London.

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