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Siaya Deputy governor William Oduol accuses his boss James Orengo of graft

The rift between Siaya governor James Orengo and his Deputy William Oduol has appeared to widen after the later accused his boss of corruption and embezzlement of public funds.

Mr Oduol who had initially expressed optimism about improving the working relationship with his boss after a number of public spats, now says the county boss is aware of the irregular use of millions of shillings.

In an interview on Citizen TV, the deputy governor made bold statements against corruption, firmly stating, “I don’t like corruption and stealing from the public.”

He highlighted that their tenure began on a positive note upon election in August 2022, with both of them demonstrating competence in their respective roles. The deputy governor, with a background in managing companies, had agreed to oversee financial matters, believing in the governor’s commitment to good governance.

“Within the first three months of our administration, the I started noticing discrepancies in the accounts, with funds mysteriously disappearing,” said Oduol.

Alarmed by these findings, he says he immediately confronted the director of finance, who initially refused to provide any explanation. Pressing further, the deputy governor threatened the director, eventually learning that the missing money was being diverted to the governor.

“When I confronted the governor about the allegations, he denied any involvement, taking advantage of his position of authority over the deputy governor. I was fearful of repercussions, and I decided not to pursue the matter further and challenge my superior,” He said

Siaya second in command however said that he continued investigations which revealed that over sh100 million had been withdrawn from public accounts in three months. Gathering substantial evidence, including bank statements and withdrawal records, the deputy governor decided to bring the matter to the attention of the assembly.

“I was shocked that within three months there was withdrawal of sh100million and it was not accounted for,” He said

During a session with the assembly, the deputy governor says he presented the damning evidence, shedding light on the alleged corruption scandal. The evidence showcased the unauthorized withdrawals and implicated the governor’s office in the embezzlement scheme.

When asked about his conversation with the governor on the matter, the deputy governor recounted the governor’s claim that the director of finance acted under his instructions. The governor’s denial of any involvement further deepened the rift between the two officials.

As the scandal unfolds, the public eagerly awaits the response of the governor, who faces serious allegations that tarnish the reputation of their administration. The deputy governor’s courageous act of exposing the corruption within their ranks serves as a reminder of the importance of transparency, accountability, and ethical governance in public office.

The county boss is yet to publicly respond to the claims

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