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Singer Karun: Kenyan music industry doesn’t make sense

Musician Camp Mulla Karungari Mungai alias Karun has laid bare the frustrations Kenyan artists face in the entertainment industry.

The RnB singer and songwriter, in an interview on The Singleton Stories with the famed Kenyan storyteller Biko Zulu, expressed her dismay, saying the Kenyan music industry is not yet at a place where it fully supports artists grow and hone their talents.

“I’ve been in the music industry for 11 to 12 years and it still makes no sense. It’s still extremely difficult to continue thriving here. And so the few selected ‘successful’ artists that you can say are making it, it still baffles me that we can keep going because the industry isn’t very forgiving,” said Karun.

The mother of one went on saying that Kenya artists put a lot into their music, time, money, effort, and creativity, that it eventually stops making sense.

She also added that her rise to fame took a big toll on her and she had to deal with the different ways that affected her years later.

“Trolling is a thing now. Everyone knows what trolling is, unlike back then when the internet was still young and people felt entitled to say anything about you. I felt like I was thrust into that world overnight,” the singer expressed.

Karun started singing in her teenage years on Camp Mulla, where she was able to gather a large following with her fellow group members. After the group’s unexpected split in 2013, she moved to Boston, the USA to further her studies.

She made her return in 2017 and soon after gave birth. She has since revealed that the child’s dad is Joseph Kiwango, a Tanzanian superstar.