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Singer Nameless undergoes vasectomy after welcoming third child

Renowned singer Nameless, and his wife Wahu, have declared their family complete with their three beautiful daughters.

In a recent interview with Vincent Mboya, Nameless revealed he has undergone a vasectomy to ensure they do not have any more children.

“We are done. I have gone through a vasectomy. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I am working out,” Nameless confidently shared.

The couple, who have always been open about their family life, were excited to share the news of their decision with their fans.

In addition to discussing their family plans, Nameless also revealed his upcoming music comeback after taking a break to rejuvenate.

Asked about his age, Nameless said he was ageless and old enough.

“I don’t talk about my age, my forehead, and my eyes. At this time, we feel blessed having three girls,” he said.

This decision comes after Wahu, in a previous interview, had also stated that they were done having babies.

She had always wished to have three children and finally felt the sense of completeness with their family.

“I used to hear people and other women say, ‘I am done,’ and I used to wonder what that feeling of being done was because I never had it. All these years, I also have friends who would say they would even remove my uterus because I am done. I was like, gosh, what is that feeling? Because I always wanted another child. I finally know that feeling of ‘I am done,'” Wahu explained.

With a sense of fulfillment, Wahu expressed her desire to undergo a permanent intervention to prevent further pregnancies.

She emphasized her happiness and gratitude for being a mother of three, as it had always been her dream.

“I am done, and I can go for all permanent interventions. I am done since I always wanted three babies, and I am just so happy about being a mom of three. I am so over the moon. It has always been my dream, and since I have achieved it, I am done,” Wahu concluded.

Vasectomy is a form of male birth control that cuts the supply of sperm to your semen.

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