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Lanes! Amber Ray throws lavish party to celebrate one month old daughter

Socialite Amber Ray and her family gathered to celebrate the one-month milestone since the birth of her daughter, Africanah.

The lavish occasion was marked with a cozy home party, attended by Amber’s fiancé Kennedy Rapudo, his daughter, and Amber’s son Gavin.

In a heartfelt reflection, Amber Ray opened up about the significance of her relationships and the profound dedication her daughter brings to them.

She shared her thoughts on her baby’s one-month milestone and expressed gratitude to God for the precious gift of life.

In a dedicated note about the celebratory party, Amber said:

“I am intentional with my relationships, and this comes with intensity. Who I am is where I am, and it requires the whole of me,” Amber stated.

The mother of two emphasized the depth and sincerity she invests in her connections.

“So today I choose to celebrate the gift of life, to thank God for one month with baby @africanahrapudo, riches, and beauty, for money doesn’t bring you beauty, money comes to grace your beauty…. Happy 1 month Baby,” Amber added.

On 6 June, Amber Ray also hinted at a forthcoming party to reveal her daughter’s face.

“Africanah is a queen and we will do a reveal party which might not be in Kenya,” she said.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo welcomed their baby girl, Africanah, into the world on May 15, 2023.

She also highlighted her extravagant life revealing that she spends Sh 300,000 every single day.

The mother of two added that the amount is not enough to satisfy her spending habits.

“Before I got married, I used to spend 300k a day. Nowadays, I don’t use my money anymore,” she  admitted during the interview with Plug TV.

Amber Ray elaborated on her spending habits, stating that she considers herself the breadwinner for numerous individuals and that it is them whom she splurges her wealth on.

“I have so many people I am taking care of,” she explained.

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