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Size 8 addresses rumours on marital problems after ‘dryspell’ rant

Gospel singer Size 8 has denied allegations that there’s trouble in paradise in her marriage with her celebrity husband, DJ Mo.

Radio Maisha presenters Billy Miya and Mbaruk Mwalimu posed the question to Size 8 saying it was a concern raised by a fan during the show.

“Wanasema tu kwamba wewe na hubby mko tu pale for the camera lakini behind the scene nikubaya mbaya,” posed Miya.

But in a quick rejoinder, the mother of two gospel singer immediately dismissed the rumours.

“Wee!! nikubaya yaani nikuzuri zaidi. Yaani nikujienjoy tu. Enjoyment,” she told the presenters.

Just over month ago, the singer had accused her husband of sexually starving her durng their reality tv show Dine with the Murayas which airs on NTV .

In an episode of the show, the couple was responding to questions on issues affecting their marriage, when Mo picked a question where the singer complained of being starved sexually for three weeks.

Na si unapenda kucomplain kuna vitu hata mtu hawezi ongea kwa TV sahii. Sasa mbona unaongea story ya dryspell kwa hii nyumba. Si issue ya kuandika kwa paper, unaniita tu at least we talk,” responded the unsettled DJ Mo.

Since the episode aired, their fans have been wondering if that was an indication of trouble in their celebrity marriage or Size 8 and DJ Mo were doing it just for show.