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Smriti bemoans separation from Mark Masai by Covid-19

NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi has shared just how much Covid-19 pandemic has changed her daily work routine.

Smriti says that, because of coronavirus, she has not seen her co-anchor Mark Masai for four months after they were put on different shifts.

Before Covid-19, she says, she was accustomed to hugging him daily when she got to work and shared a friendly banter before they anchored the 9pm news.

“From seeing this guy 5 days a week, hugging him upon getting to work each day, busting jokes with him ahead of many bulletins, delivering the national news with him every 9pm…To NOT seeing him for FOUR MONTHS!” wrote Sriti Vidyarthi.

“(We’re in separate shifts, thanks #covid19). You cannot blame me for just dying to hug him, when we met at the office today. Sadly, the hug did not happen (again, thanks Covid). Great to see you partner @mark_masai PS. We took off our masks just for this quick snap,” he added.

Vidyarthi and Masai joined the Nation Media Group in 2008 and have been working together as news co-anchors for more than 11 years.