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Socialite Risper Faith recounts how she extorted money from men with fake accident

Socialite Risper Faith has shared how she used to deceive men into giving her money without engaging in intimate relationships with them.

The mother of one says she lied to over 30 men, making them believe she had been in an accident.

Risper Faith took to her social media platforms to narrate her story, hoping to encourage women to think strategically about making money.

During her video account, the socialite recalled an incident while heading to a rugby event in Nakuru. She and her associates came across a car accident, and she decided to stop her car to capture photos of the accident scene.

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“May God forgive us because the things we are doing for money are so many. But I did not leave Webuye to come and struggle in Nairobi. I came to Nairobi to make it. I came to look for money so that I can lead a good life. We found a car that had gotten into an accident, and there was some blood. I applied it to my face and took photos. Do not judge me; I was looking for money,” she candidly admitted.

Risper Faith detailed how she located a nearby hospital where they found a young doctor. She bribed the doctor with KSh 3,000 to stage a photo of her being admitted to the emergency ward.

“I gave him KSh 3,000 and told him to make it look like I was being medicated and being rushed to the emergency ward. I wore the clothes, had my oxygen on, and was rushed to the emergency room. We took the pictures and then left the hospital for the event. I had around 30 admirers. I sent them all the photos and explained I was going to an event and got into an accident, and they started panicking,” she revealed.

According to Risper Faith, she informed the men that her medical bill was KSh 56,000, and they began sending money. Within a day, she had managed to raise KSh 256,000.

Upon returning to Nairobi, Risper said she used fake bandages, and the men would visit her, bringing her whatever she asked for. She even requested food that she stashed away.


In 2022, Risper Faith once again grabbed headlines when it was discovered that she had been posting digitally altered photos on her Instagram account.

Risper openly admitted to manipulating her photos, explaining:

“Yes, I did photoshop it. It’s not that I can’t afford these things; I simply want my Instagram feed to appear appealing. Everyone on Instagram is projecting a certain image.”

She questioned whether Instagram had specific regulations requiring original content and wondered why her posts had not been flagged by the platform. Risper firmly defended her choice.

“I won’t be stopping. I don’t care. I’ll even superimpose my image onto Beyonce’s body if it makes me happy.”