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Gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa explains why he performs in clubs

Gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa has shed light on his unconventional approach to spreading the Christian message by performing in clubs and bars.

Despite being a staunch Christian, Mkubwa revealed in an interview with Madora TV that he willingly accepts club gigs with one condition – he must be accompanied by a preacher who will share the gospel alongside his music.

The renowned Mungu Mwenye Nguvu hitmaker emphasized that his club appearances serve a higher purpose beyond mere entertainment.

For Mkubwa, it’s an opportunity to reach out to those who may be considered “lost souls” and guide them toward Christ.

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“We usually preach the gospel; it is not just singing. I sing and ask them to allow me to preach the word of God. We usually pray for people and tell them to repent. And we tell people to turn away from their earthly ways and return to the Lord. And people usually get saved. That is the mission I am doing,” Mkubwa explained.

In his unique approach to gospel ministry, Mkubwa shared that he has successfully led numerous individuals to embrace Christianity.

The artist expressed satisfaction in witnessing people give their lives to Jesus after listening to his songs and sermons in club settings.

“If you invite me to a fiesta, you must be prepared. I will preach to people and ask them to repeat,” he added, emphasizing the impactful mission he carries out during such events.

Other gospel figures who freely perform in clubs include:

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DJ Mo shared that he spins in clubs, with the only distinction between him and secular DJs being the content.

“The Bible says ‘Go out into the world and preach the word,’ so I don’t see any harm in me going to a place like Tribeka to play a Gospel set. It’s only that it is not our main thing given the things that happen in a club. I’ve deejayed in so many clubs, been invited to places like Nyeri to Kisumu, meaning I can go for 30 minutes just to do a Gospel set and go home.”

Before he departed from the gospel industry, Bahati shared a similar sentiment, believing in “Going out into the world and preaching the word.”

“I’m growing in a generation that I have to go to the people and give them the gospel. That person might not go to church on Sunday. I know I’ll reach them anywhere I’m called to perform,” he said.