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Sonko: Hotel owners paying street children to dump garbage

By EDDY KAGERA November 21st, 2017 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says hotel owners are responsible for dumping garbage along lanes within the city.

Mr Sonko said the owners pay street children to do the dirty work.

“Just realized that illegal dumping around the CBD is done by business owners, especially in the hotel industry. They pay street kids to pick up garbage from the backdoors of the hotels at night and dump them along the lanes in the city,” he said on his social media.

The governor added that he had authorised the county inspectorate department to arrest everyone doing illegal dumping starting Tuesday night.

“It’s our responsibility as Nairobians to ensure our streets are clean. If you spot any illegal dumping around your place of work, kindly inform me through 0722886600,” he added.

Nairobi is choking under the garbage even as Mr Sonko’s reign hurtles towards the 100-day mark.