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Sonko starts campaign to make Nairobi ‘cleanest City in Africa’

Even before officially assuming office, Nairobi governor-elect Mike Sonko has embarked on a mission to transform the capital into the “cleanest City in Africa.”

Mike Sonko is set to take oath of office on Wednesday, but that hasn’t stopped him from embarking on cleaning up the capital.

He has deployed hundreds of youths – attached to his Sonko Rescue Team – to scrap off campaign posters and other election related materials from walls and streets.

Also, groups of youths were seen clearing up heaps of garbage from the City and its environs.

This exercise elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans on Twitter with some lauding the move.

Others however took issue with the clean up being handled by private firm linked to Sonko instead of the Nairobi Countyworkers.