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Ssaru and Ezekiel Mutua bury the hatchet, reconcile at royalties distribution event

Popular musician Ssaru Wa Manyaru and the Chief Executive of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Ezekiel Mutua, have resolved their differences.

The reconciliation took place on January 25, 2024, during an event where MCSK distributed Sh 20 million in royalties to 16,000 musicians.

Addressing the attendees at the event, Ssaru emphasized that there is no lingering animosity between her and Mutua.

The two were seen sharing a friendly hug, signaling the end of their public feud.

“I am the one who invited her here and her song is not an issue. We have paid her a lot of money today,” Mutua said.

The disagreement between Mutua and Ssaru originated when the MCSK CEO criticized Ssaru’s hit song ‘Kaskie Vibaya.’

Mutua suggested that the artist was promoting insults and arrogance on social media, and he questioned her approach to music.

Mutua’s comments included remarks about the inappropriate content of Ssaru’s song being played on radio stations during prohibited times, and he expressed concerns about her financial management and public image.

“Your dirty song is played on radio stations even during watershed time against the law. It’s a hit in nightclubs. But the stations and nightclubs using your song pay you nothing, or if anything, peanuts. Of course, serious corporates don’t associate their brands with vulgarity and indecency so you are cutting yourself off from big money while pleasing strangers on social media,” Mutua had stated.

He further advised Ssaru on her career choices, cautioning against dismissing advice from well-wishers and emphasizing the importance of creating content suitable for a broader audience.

Ssaru responded to Mutua’s critique with a succinct “Kaskie vibaya na huko’.

MCSK CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua disclosed that the initial disbursement of royalties included a diverse group of artists.

This included legends, emerging talents, artists with disabilities, leading Gospel artists nationally, and prominent secular artists on a national scale.

The gathering brought together top earners representing various regions in Kenya. Additionally, attendees included representatives from the Departmental Committee of Parliament overseeing Sports, Culture, and Heritage, the Ministry of Gender, Culture, Heritage, and the Arts, the Kenya Copyright Board, and international organizations affiliated with MCSK.

The distribution of royalties for the year 2024 commenced on the 25th of this month, reaching over 16,000 MCSK members.

This comprehensive exercise is set to continue until the end of March.

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