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Suleiman Shahbal explains why he’s in self-quarantine after meeting Raila

Mombasa politician Suleiman Shahbal has explained why he has decided to go into self-quarantine days after meeting ODM party leader Raila Odinga.

In a statement shared on his social media handles, Mr Shahbal says that this is due to the fact that he had met with Kilifi Governor Amos Kingi at the Moi International Airport.

This, however, happened a day after his dinner meeting with Mr Odinga. Governor Kingi went into self-isolation after his deputy Gideon Saburi tested positive for coronavirus.

Mr Saburi had interacted with a number of officials from the Kilifi county government including the governor before he was forcefully put under quarantine.

“I have read with concern about Kilifi’s Deputy Governor Gideon Saburi who has been diagnosed with the coronavirus. There are rumours that apparently he met with Hon. Raila the day before I met with Raila. I have been reliably informed that Hon. Raila DID NOT MEET THE DEPUTY GOVERNOR of Kilifi County! He met the Deputy Governor of Mombasa,” said Mr Shahbal.

He added: “The day after I met Hon Raila, I also bumped into Gov. Amazon Kingi at Moi International Airport, who was wearing a mask. Kingi had obviously met his Deputy. We remembered not to shake hands. I commended him for wearing a mask. Just as Gov Kingi has now taken precautions and gone into self-isolation, I too will immediately go to hospital today to be checked for Corona and I will immediately enter into self-isolation for the 14 days starting from Thursday when I met Gov. Kingi.”

The movements of the Kilifi deputy governor after arriving in the country from a trip to Germany is what has a section of the elite in the political scene in the coast on high alert, especially since Mr Saburi is reported to have conducted numerous meetings and attended functions.

“This stresses the importance that we should all apply to taking care about infecting other people – even by accident. Had I know about Gideon Saburi and his possible infection I would have immediately gone into self isolation. While we should not panic we must all stay responsible and do the right things. I have faith that God will eventually remove this plague from us. God help us all in these difficult times,” explained Mr Shahbal.