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Suspected highway robber shot dead in Donholm

By NYABOGA KIAGE September 14th, 2018 1 min read

Police officers on Friday shot dead a suspected highway robber at Donholm area in Nairobi County.

Crime Detector, a Nairobi based faceless crime buster, identified the slain suspect as Michael Onyango.

“Michael Onyango all the way kutoka Kiambio (Barshosho) unakuja kuangaisha maderee Donhom mnachomoa mizigo gari ikisonga but pole leo umejua siku za mwizi ni 40 mwenzako alikimbia bila dent ok najua atarudi Tena,” he posted on his Facebook account.


The suspect’s death comes just a week after police shot dead five suspected robbers in Dandora area.

Crime Detector, who works closely with the famous Hessy Wa Dandora, is known for warning suspects using a Facebook account to change their ways before they are found dead

For the last one year police officers have been using pseudo social media accounts to fight crime in Nairobi.

So intensified is the crackdown that reformed members of various gangs in Nairobi confessed that they were moving out of Nairobi County.